Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Computer Issues

  Long time no post, so here is my bi yearly semi annual post, going to try and make it a weekly thing now.

  My Steelseries mouse keeps shutting off on me while I am playing games kinda really annoying, no issues whatsoever for a very long time and then bam, just shuts off for 30 seconds to a minute, it really sucks.

  I also "discovered"an old friend I used to talk to online, but it seems that the person who was once a dear friend wants to have zero communication with me, which I have no choice but to respect. No rhyme or reason for a complete lack of correspondence but I can always make up terrifying reasons in my mind, or amusing reasons in my mind or terrifyingly amusing reasons.
 This is rather a long time ago now, but a person I wrote about previously in the early times of this blog, contacted me to thank me for the kind words. The feeling that accompanied reading who the email was sent from and the subject of "i read your post" was a bizarre one. I look back now on my time doing the door to door thing with different perspective. The best part about it was meeting this person.
  Hey I guess I have said that enough though eh?
 Looking to possibly get a place out around the area where I was born in raised, in order to take on some responsibilities I have been .. avoiding is a harsh term maybe. Do not know what to call it. Regardless, I am working at something right now that pays well. Better than any job I had in Winnipeg. The hours are strange the tasks vary from pushing snow with a great big yellow loader, to changing tires, to just picking up parts somewhere. There are issues as there are with most places, but proper communication is the best way to sort them out.
  Internet access in rural areas is one thing I need to resolve as my DoTA obsession reached a fevered pitch last week and I tried to play a game and promptly got an abandon because my character could not even move from the spawn point. Bot matches where you play against the ai is so mind numbingly bad I fear I am losing whatever skill I might have been developing at this game. There is a site called dota buff that keeps track of your stats (http://dotabuff.com/players/41209012) and I have so far managed to have a winrate higher than 50%, which is .. good I guess? Pubs again as in TF2 have gotten kinda meh for me and I did join in something called IXDL games which is like pugs and 6v6 matches that I did in tf2.
   IXDL was interesting but it was right around the time I was leaving Winnipeg into the place where the Internet is not the greatest.
  Shortly after there was a patch that introduced ranked matchmaking solo and party which is something that seems like would be very interesting to get into, I have only played 3 matches winning two and losing 1.
  Hmm enough DoTA talk for a while though I could talk about it all day.

  I have been playing the crap out of CK II and Mount and Blade Warband Native Expansion, having bought CKII during the steam sale for cheap, and its a great game if you can figure out all the stuff thats going on in it, I have played for twenty hours and I am still learning some of the more obtuse game mechanics, for example in one game I had my successor for the Kingdom of Ireland, become the Holy Roman Emperor, which is basically an unstoppable juggernaut. Well actually it is quite stoppable because apparently everyone wants to create factions and rebel and then get 70k worth of event troops when I con only muster 30k.. but I think I can use my anti pope to start excommunicating dissenters and start getting fiefs to my more loyal vassals.. if I can afford the piety cost.
  See what I mean? most normal people will have no clue what that means, but if you play CKII or EU4 then you probably know what I mean.
   Mount and Blade Warband is an good time as well, 80 dudes and dudettes in my band so far.  My PC seems to be made out of wet cardboard because he dies in every damn fight.
  Played the hell out of kingdom rush as well, and it was fun i guess, till you get tesla towers and just build tesla towers, EVERYWHERE, and win. takes a large amount of the strategy outta the game.
 Man random russian traders adding me on steam, pls stop i dont want to trade my dota stuff, I use it and if I dont use it i delete it.
  My bro got me Hammerwatch as well, and its fun enough, likely better with more people.

  Also going through like all the Hark A Vagrant comics, its good to laugh at that stuff, its all really good.
 3:30 am is kinda gross and I should go to sleep. More updates forthcoming I swear. Even if you don't want em.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Whats Good?

   Hey now, its been a long time since my last post, why not do another.

 Watching the shit out of the new season of the Venture Brothers, and its the best one yet. Dean and Hank are maturing and growing from the golly gee characters they were and into something else. Dr. Venture is still a black hearted little man but you see a different lighter side of him in Spanakopita! Brock and Shore Leave make regular appearances as well, maybe not as much as in other seasons, but its always good to see those guys.

  Not much else happening. Feeling ill this past week, played quite a bit of DoTA 2, and I completely stopped playing TF2. Trying to get into Baldurs Gate, but there is so much to do and so much that can screw your party over saving every ten feet is necessary. One bad roll the invisible computer dice and its GG.

  Have not been watching a whole lot of tv. Had a job interview last week and I hope I hear back from them some time in the coming week. Work at the job I have now is particularly slow.

   Watched Video Games Live last night on a live stream. Tommy Tallarico hosting reminded me when he was a host on the Electric Playground before they got all the new people on there, when it was just a small 2 person show where they talked about video games. Now EP is like an entertainment news show only tangentially related to video games. Reviews on the Run is still pretty decent I suppose, but they review movies more now as well.

  I should post in a more regular fashion I suppose. I will have to work on that.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starting Again

     New Year new post, as I have not posted in a long ass time I guess I will post now.

Been working steady now for the last 2 years, moved from a call centre type work environment to a data entry type work environment. I like it well enough, very sedentary, which is a problem sometimes cause it can get boring and make me sleepy.

   Our floor won a contest to see who could raise the most donations for Christmas hampers, so blue jeans for the month of January and free coffee brought in. Not a bad deal, I donated a few things myself.

    TF2! I have been playing so much of this game it is scary. I am now up to about 1216 hours played. PC only now as orange box is garbage. Recently playing a large amount of 6v6 a game mode where there is only 2 scouts 2 soldiers 1 demo and a medic. This is something like I was experiencing on the xbox with smaller player limit. Intense firefights where if one person dies it can cost you a control point and possibly the round.

     Started out with tf2 lobby but that place is such a terrible spot to learn to play 6s. I found a group called 6v6 newbie mix that has helped tremendously in teaching the basics. I still have much to improve and learn.
My aim could be better, my tracking, positioning. The biggest part is knowing when to push and when to hold. Hard to get rid of the pub mentality to just constantly walk forward. The skill level of some people that have been playing for so many years is also difficult to overcome sometimes.

 I have been playing medic alot on atf2 which is an irc chat for doing 6s pugs, (pickup games) its fun to play with a variety of different people and pubs are quite possibly the worst thing for me now. Random crits, terrible weapons, terrible classes, multiple classes raping the whole team, (or just heavy medic combos everywhere) it takes away from the game so much. it sounds simpler with just six people but that is just the surface, the game has a depth that most people only barely scratch the surface of.

  F2P has increased the amount of people playing TF2 and those people are now slowly getting involved in other aspects like 6v6 and most especially Highlander (9v9). 9s for me is simply not a preferred method of play, many people enjoy it and thats just great but I cannot express my love for 6s enough, the simple complexity is just astounding, valve took ten years and crafted a masterpiece fps, unfortunately it seems since then they have decided to take apart that masterpiece slowly but surely, or rather add things that are superfluous and unnecessary.
   Cosmetics are not so bad, although some of them are rather hideous, its the weapons that add health and have a variety of effects that are usually negative on the overall game play for me. sixes is a place free from that with the majority of the offending weapons banned, which is great. Classes that I do not like to play against are rarely played except for in certain situations defending last point (ie heavy, pyro, engie, sniper).
 Pubs are just an exercise in frustration. I will still play from time to time on account of some great people I have met through said pubs, but the game style is just so alien to me now compared to 6s.

   I have hardly even touched my Xbox after upgrading my pc. Steam is a money vacuum and I need to watch the money I spend on that shit. Netflix is all i use the 360 for now. I have not paid for a live sub for like 2 or 3 years now. my bro pays for it now for some reason.

    Not much else happening, I suppose that is enough stupid junk for now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Post Part of this Balanced Breakfast

  Playing a large amount of TF2 lately on the Orange box. Finding it harder and harder to stick around in matches where we are getting shellacked. It seems no matter how well I do, (or bad as often is the case if the team does bad I seem to play bad) if it is not working I just quit. People not participating in the match, or being/doing irrelevant things/classes just frustrates me and i just search for another game.
  Conversely, playing on a team that is too dominant is boring as well, but finding balanced even  teams on public servers is oftentimes impossible. all the good players gravitate to one side and then the other team is constantly short one or two players further compounding the problem. The game devolves into pointless spawn camping.
   Another problem is that I have gotten so used to the controller that the keyboard is quite foreign to me if I try to play online, Turning is much easier with a controller.  The addition of the different items have drastically changed the way the game plays on the PC.
   Watched Dorian Grey (2009 film) and it was pretty good. It differed from the book a bit (so I gathered from the Wikipedia article I read today) but the basic plot was still there. Pledging ones soul to remain youthful forever turned out to be a bad idea even in a joking manner. The metamorphosis from the handsome young man in the painting to a decrepit disease ridden old man, that could apparently make wheezing noises and move around a bit was interesting to watch. Best part was the first when a maggot tear came out of the painting. That's a pretty big hint that something is up with your artwork.

   Had a very interesting call at work today from a disabled Marine vet. I was taking calls for the Wounded Warrior project (mostly donations and what have you) when a person called and decided to share most of his life story. This man had apparently lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1954, he spoke of flying through the air and landing in a pile of dirt. Upon landing he looked down and saw that his foot and some of his leg had been torn off at the point where the combat boot ended. Most people in that situation would likely have succumbed to shock and blood loss, but this person managed to tie off a tourniquet and hang on until help arrived. He said it was possible he was concussed as well as he had not been wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. The man had said he must have flown 20 feet through the air, he had not told me the cause of the accident or why it happened and I did not think to ask. He also told me that the first hospital he had gone to butchered his leg. Something about it looked like a bone that you see when you carve a ham.
     After his injury he was in the Marine corps for a short amount of time before he was discharged due to Traumatic Injury. After he left the Marines he told me that he still remained quite active, mentally he was upset because he was trained or as he put it over-trained to use skills that had no use outside of a war or battlefield. Use of a rocket launcher, machine gun and a variety of other things that had no application for the most part in the civilian world. He told me how he hiked some ten thousand miles on his wooden prosthesis through some mountain range (or hills I am unsure of the exact location) and said he was dog tired by the end and his leg stump was extremely sore. He played in some sports, softball and racquet ball were two of the ones he mentioned. He remained active with motor bikes, riding with his wooden leg, he told me a story where he took a small jump and the next thing he knew it had broken at the instep right up the middle and he was on his back again. It was very interesting to talk to such a person. I mentioned that there was a volunteer program with the WWP and that he should give it a look, he more than likely would be a positive influence on other disabled vets. This man had told me that he had seen  WWP commercial and just needed to vent. There was nothing like WWP in place back when he had injured himself and that he was glad there was something around now. I listened to what he had to say and all of it was very interesting. He talked about South Africa and the IEDs they had there in the 70s and how they found a work around such a problem but that it was not being used now in Iraq/Afghanistan which could have saved lives.
   He expressed anger at the draft dodgers, saying that he went to go sign up, but they would not let him because of the missing leg. He also mentioned that he tried to sign up for desert storm but this time it was his age that would disallow him from going. Overall he seemed like a very bright guy that just needed to vent. He sounded much younger than his age which was apparently 75 (or so) and was married to a teacher who worked with mentally handicapped kids. Anyways, this man has done much with his life and it is something I would like to emulate. Just need to start the doing. and what have you.
    Had a good time out at my cousins wedding. Ceremony was simple and the party afterwards was fun. The trip was about 12 hours one way and it was not too bad. Worked a straight 40 hours this week as well which is good, I find that my energy seems to be waning of late, no ambition or drive to do much once I get home. Doing saying and apologizing the same thing over and over again can wear on a person. Again I dislike have into ask people to donate more money. People donate what they can and asking them for more is something I consider to be in poor taste some people are fine  with it and some people get offended.
     I watched part of a documentary on customer service on the CBC, it was interesting. Mostly focused on outsourced CSR's in India but it was on customer service and relations in general.

   Going to make a trip out to the gym tomorrow I think, I need to start getting into better shape. Too easy to just sit around.

One of the best parts about the trip out west was just sitting around a campfire with my grandfather, uncles, aunts and cousins. They live out on a ranch just outside of town. There were no stars but it was peaceful and calm. The fire provided enough warmth to keep the chill off and conversation was laid back and easy going.

  I have probably gone on long enough, need to decide what to have for dinner.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Left Winnipeg on Wednesday, Left Mather on Thursday morning. Now sitting in a hotel room in Lloydminister after a long day in a truck driving with my family out to a cousins wedding.

  Not particularly tired as I did sleep on and off on the trip that took us most of the day leaving at 8:30 am and arriving at 7pm. Darkwing Duck is playing on the tv and I am restless. I have much to write about but I do not feel the desire I once had to write.

Work is going ok. There are some things that I do not enjoy about it but it is paying the bills and allowing me to save some money so I can move forward in my life. Forward to what and where I have some vague idea but ideas change and morph over time, I hope this idea turns into something where I can be content. Need to start hitting the gym. Possibly going for a swim tomorrow but I have gotten back to my lazy ways and the sedentary nature of the job I now have has compounded that problem. Food too much of it and too little of the healthy variety has also been a negative that I need to correct. I seem to have lost the drive I had a short while ago to get in shape and I need to start that again. Regardless I have been lax in posting though whether anyone reads this or not this is more for my benefit then for anyone else. Time to try and get some sleep but the large amount of things roiling in my mind may make that difficult.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Still alive

Have not posted in a while. Just been busy working at a new job. Starting to read mor, I even bought a few books. This is just a quick one as I need to head to work soon.

  Not a whole lot to report, I have basically been working at the new job and not much else. I should be looking at getting involved in a few things once again. I will post more later.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Played some poker

Been a while since I posted so here is something. Just played some pokers on the internet and had some pretty good results.

  From a 40 dollar deposit I have run up to 400$ in about 4 days. Started out at 50nl cap games and today I played some 100 nl cap (2 tables)  ending up quite a bit. Just had hands hold up vs flush draws and hit my flushes when the money went in. Even flopped a Jack high flush and rivered a straight flush against a guy with pocket jacks. Made a deep run in a 2500 runner event with a buy in of 10 dollars only cashed for 16, made a mistake and busted. I have been doing well at sit and goes as well, dabbling in some HU Omaha for cheap, trying to pick the game up I think I went 5 and 1 or something like that. It seems I have been folding the right times and moving it in the right times, my opponents are missing and I am hitting, whereas before it seemed the opposite was true.

Starting to work regular at a job now as well, going to be working mornings from 7am-11am, so I can play poker in the afternoons, which is something I am very interested in doing now. Not that I was not before, I need to make sure I manage my bankroll properly and do not move up in stakes too quickly, 100nl is good for now and I can always move back to 50nl if it goes bad.

  Work is boring but steady whereas poker is fun but unreliable as a source of income as it stands right now. Just going to keep on playing and hope that I keep on winning.

Not much to report on really, its late so I am more then likely headed to bead.